How can I collaborate on a CODAP document?

One way to collaborate on a CODAP document is to save it in Google Drive and change the permissions in Google Drive (as you would for a Google Doc) to give edit access to the people/accounts who will also be working on the document. Unlike Google Docs, however, only ONE person/account at a time can edit the CODAP document (otherwise some of the edits will not be saved). Be sure to have only one person/account at a time editing the CODAP document, with the document not open anywhere else. A best practice for collaborating is to "pass the baton." For example, if you finish the edits you want to make, close the document and tell your collaborator it is now their turn to edit.

You could also collaborate by creating a shared view link and then have a collaborator open the link, make edits, and create a new shared view link to the version they edited. Version control can be trickier with this method as you will end up with multiple shared view links (and multiple saved CODAP documents if you save the documents in addition to creating shared links). For this shared view link collaboration method, a best practice is to rename each new version of the document, adding something like v1, v2, etc. or the date to each new version.

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