Save CODAP Work on Google Drive

Save to Google Drive

You can save a CODAP file using several methods. The following gives instruction on how to save a CODAP file using Google Drive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for Google Drive to connect to CODAP, you must first enable the proper permissions.

  • Click on the ≡ menu. Select “Save…”
  • A prompt will appear. Select the “Google Drive” tab.
  • Follow the Google Drive dialog to log into your Google account (if you are not already logged in). If you have multiple Google accounts, you can select the specific account you want to use. You can now save CODAP files (with a .codap extension) to Google Drive. Select how you would like to save to Google Drive (see first image below). Selecting "Quick Save to My Drive" saves the CODAP document in your Drive (but not in any folder). "Save in Selected Folder" opens a new dialog where you can browse/search your Drive folders and select a folder to save in. "Save Over Existing File" opens a similar dialog for browsing/searching your Drive, but for selecting a CODAP file in Drive to overwrite with the one you are saving. For the latter two options, click once on the name of the folder/file to select it, then click on the blue "Select" button at the bottom of the dialog to save (see second image below). Double clicking on the name of a Drive folder opens it to show its contents. Double clicking on the name of a CODAP file will overwrite it. 
  • Once you have saved your CODAP document to Google Drive, any further updates you make will be automatically saved (make sure you see "All changes saved to Google Drive" written at the top of the CODAP file before closing it--if you see a red box with "Unsaved" written in it, the document, or changes to it, have not been saved to Google Drive). You do not need to follow the saving steps listed above again.

If you already logged into a Google account in CODAP and wish to use a different Google account, you will need to open CODAP in a new tab or window in your browser, where you will be able to log into the other Google account.

See here for instructions on how to open your CODAP files again after they have been saved.

See here for instructions on how to save CODAP work on your hard drive.

Important note on using multiple Google accounts to edit a CODAP document:

Like with Google docs, you can change permissions for a CODAP document saved in Google Drive to give specific people/accounts (or anyone with the link) edit access, if you wish. To change permissions, go to Google Drive, find the CODAP document, right click or control click on the name/icon for the document, and then select "Share." Note that unlike Google docs, only one person/account at a time should edit a CODAP document saved in Google Drive. If multiple people/accounts try to edit at the same time, not all of the changes will be saved. If you wish to edit a CODAP document from multiple Google accounts, make sure only one account at a time has the document open.

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