Open a Saved CODAP document

Open a Saved CODAP document

There are several different ways to open a CODAP document you previously saved in Google Drive or saved on your local hard drive.

Option 1:

1) From the CODAP main page (, click on "Launch CODAP" on the top right.

2) Click on "Open Document or Browse Examples."

3) Select either "Google Drive" or "Local File" (depending on where the file is saved).

To open a file saved in Google Drive, find the folder that it is in (via the window in CODAP), select the file, then click "Open." Note that with this method, CODAP is only able to find and open files saved to your own Google Drive (not files owned by someone else but shared with you via Google Drive).

To open a file saved on your local hard drive, drag the file from your computer and drop it into the box (or click on the box to select the file via a file browser window).

Option 2:

If you already have CODAP open, go to the main menu and select "Open." Then follow the same step 3 as in Option 1 above.