Open a Saved CODAP document

Open a Saved CODAP document

There are several different ways to open a CODAP document you previously saved in Google Drive or saved on your local hard drive.

Option 1:

1) From the CODAP main page (, click on "Launch CODAP" on the top right.

2) Click on "Open Document or Browse Examples."

3) Select either "Google Drive" or "Local File" (depending on where the file is saved).

To open a file saved in Google Drive, find the folder that it is in (via the window in CODAP), select the file, then click "Open." If you do not see the contents of your Google Drive, you will need to click on the button that says "login to Google." A pop up box will then appear. Log in with the credentials for the Google account you wish to use.

Note: If you have multiple Google accounts, you can switch between them by clicking on the blue text on the bottom that says "Select Different Google Account."

To open a file saved on your local hard drive, drag the file from your computer and drop it into the box (or click on the box to select the file via a file browser window).

Option 2:

If you already have CODAP open, go to the main menu and select "Open." Then follow the same step 3 as in Option 1 above.

Option 3:

If your CODAP file is saved in Google Drive, open your Drive directly (, find the file, and double click on it to open in CODAP. You may see some computer code and need to specify CODAP as the application to open the file (see the FAQ here for more info). You may also be prompted to log into your Google account again via a pop-up box.

Note that you cannot open a CODAP file saved to your local hard drive by double clicking on the icon on your computer. 

Also, in order for Google Drive to connect to CODAP, you must have enabled permissions.

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