Save CODAP Work to Your Hard Drive

Save to Your Hard Drive

You can save a CODAP file using several methods. The following gives instruction on how to save a CODAP file by downloading it to your local hard drive.

  1. Open the ≡ menu. Select “Save.” 
  2. Save the CODAP document to your local hard disk. Select "Local file," then "Download."
  3. The CODAP document will be downloaded to your computer as a .codap file. If the file has been saved properly, you will see text in the bar at the top of CODAP saying "All Changes Saved to Local File." If the document or changes to it have not been saved, there will be a red box that says "Unsaved."

Note that you will need to follow these instructions each time you want to save changes to your CODAP file.

Each time you save, a new version/copy of the file will be downloaded to your computer (you may wish to delete the older version(s) of the file from your hard drive/downloads folder).

See here for instructions on how to open your CODAP files again after you have saved them.

See here for instructions on how to save CODAP work on Google Drive.

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